Talking Story

I have been doing some thinking about what it means to have a culture that is self aware and how that would distill down to the level of individual values and relationships between people.  I've been specifically thinking about verbal or physical communication between individuals.  

Too Much Information

The information that surrounds us has many layers.

Overlapping like so many translucent angels projected onto the screen of 3 dimensions, they give the part of our brains that actually notice these kinds of things subtle clues, urgent or whispering compulsions, maps, even. Our lives are spent dancing through the eddies of these projections.

Holy Wars

The wars we wage against ourselves are probably the only wars that are truly holy - truly blessed. Maybe because they are the only ones in which winning is even possible. It feels like I am probably in the middle of one such war, or maybe just a particularly nasty battle. I trust that I am destined to win eventually. I feel blessed on days when I understand that there is no other outcome possible. It can be hard keeping the faith sometimes.

What does the Flux Capacitor in our bodies look like? An open letter to Nassim Haramein.

Chinese meridians and Channels with Time standing still

First off, I want to give you gratitude. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for shifting all sorts of paradigms in your work and life and insisting on doing it in a big way. Thank you for insisting on just being you, and holding it up like a beacon for those of us who cannot choose the 'normal' way.

By way of introduction, I like puzzles, and have been working on several including some that involve the systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Today I want to introduce you and others to the work I have been doing with Traditional Chinese Medicine and in particular it's way of describing the way that energetic systems of the body change in time.

Urban Hiking: the first date

I had been planning this for a minute (southern for an unspecified and somewhat longer than expected amount of time). We would leave around 6pm, get on the trail by 7pm, and then arrive at the lake around 7:30pm with a wine bottle and some citronella candles. She would be pleasantly surprised by the whole event.

Cultural Viruses

There is a kind of information exchange or cultural programing that holds a particular interest for me as a technologist. 

We are aware that there are certain kinds of knowledge that stem from direct cultural context.  An example would be music or food.  These arguably are linked in some way directly to the land or culture they originated in.  And although when people move, they take these cultural tastes with them, they are visible even when they mutate into some sort of form.  An example would be that Mexican food in New Mexico is very different than in Texas.  Or that Ca

How to install your drupal website: a guide for the adventurous.

This is the age of the DIY (do it yourself, for the uninitiated), and as organizations get crafty at organizing themselves for survival, building a website in-house (READ: yourself) is becoming more common. I have a great deal of respect for do-it-yourselfers. It's how I first learned to build drupal websites 8 years ago, and at this point, I am able to contribute work towards building drupal itself.

Open Letter to Randy Powell with regards to how his Donuts may coorelate with the Mayan Calendar


A potential future colleague of mine seems to be playing hide and seek at the moment, in all likelihood for the best of reasons. And all the while I seem to be on this series of hell-bent and crazy sounding open letters to up and coming revolutionary scientists - I figure why stop?

With that in mind, I would like to offer another thicker than peanut butter and somewhat obscured open letter to Randy Powell in gratitude for his donuts. Randy is a person who I would like to offer a deep deep bow to - for his perseverance, his belief in the infinite, and his quest for the holy grail. Randy, I wish you and your team the best on your journey.

I believe that there are some sacred and ancient texts/manuscripts/diagrams that exhibit a holographic quality.

Finding money in Trees

As all business people do from time to time, I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday and wondering if I was going to have enough work in 6 weeks to sustain me.  It's something that can eat away at a person.  It's a fear that we are almost encouraged to have these days.  When we talk about it with friends or colleagues, they shake their heads and agree.  And so we think we find our fears, sadly, justified.

Until we look out into the world around us - at really what's going on.  I don't mean this is a zen way.  Let me explain.

Urban Hiking: the Yellow Brick Road

It all started when I woke up to doggie diarrhea. I have wall to wall carpeting, and unless you are a product tester for Nature's Miracle, they just do not mix.

My dog has a sensitive stomach, and this isn't the first time for this kind of rude awakening, so after the mess was cleaned up, I decided to look for fencing materials. Sometimes these bouts of digestive distress can last for days, and I wanted to avoid multiple puddles while I am away at work.

Atitlan: on owning my own tourist


Tempest is the nearest thing to it, I imagine. This sort of whipping effect as when traveling 70 miles an hour over choppy sea on a small boat, or like the nausea of recovering from too much food. It's a weighted shifting of direction suddenly, where you are confronted with the last great stand of the person you were playing before all this started, and that no longer feels right.

Can user generated content change the world?

An organization is a collection of people and resources whose common goals create an interdependence between them. The methods used to achieve these goals create flows of information, services, people and resources that mirror exchanges between stakeholders in the different communities they touch. These infrastructures (and the organizations that utilize them) become more effective the more they mirror the human systems which depend on them.

The Flipside of Uranus

I keep reminding myself that, technically, I'm a little early for a midlife crisis. I was happy to turn 41 because the sting of 40 is gone, and 41 is prime, and it's next to 42, and we all know what 42 is.

Along with being the proverbial answer to the Universe, 42 is when your Uranus starts to oppose itself.