To my Liberal Friends: The Prayer of Manasseh

I have lost touch with some of you, and I feel that like a failure on my part. I know that some of the things I have said about my perception of global events has been hard for many of you to swallow, and many of you abandoned me on the side of the road (figuratively and literally) and my experience of that was heartbreaking.

And so I went inside.

There were parts to my own story that were not filled out. Not just regarding current events, but regarding a history that has been lost. What I noticed that struck me as odd, was that there were two veins of conversation that quickly turned very sour very quickly. They became unmentionable. The first was anything having to do with President Trump, and the second was anything having to do with the Bible. This third, as an addendum, was anything having to do with Flat or Hollow Earth. In this text it might seem like I am only addressing the bible, but I am actually addressing all three. It is up to you to connect the dots.

My spirituality and faith in higher and better powers has always been a big part of my life, but my knowledge or the Bible, particularly the Old Testament and the Apocryphia (the texts that were not included in the final cut when the Bible was being put together including the scrolls found in Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other cuneiform tablets.

And so I started reading the Bible and those other texts. The Book of Jasher which is an alternate version of the book of Genesis and beyond, the Books of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees. I was particularly interested in the stories from my childhood that I remember making no sense: Adam and Eve, Noah and his Ark, Abraham and Issac.

I did not only want to understand a fuller picture of those stories, I wanted to understand why they had been obfuscated.

Adam and Eve: a chapter of human history, but not the first chapter.

Let’s take Adam and Eve. A much different picture emerges when one takes away the inference that Adam was the first humanoid on the planet, and that Eve was the first female counterpart. That is never actually said, although it is inferred. Remember that the book of Genesis is highly abridged, which does not mean inaccurate.

Also remember that in the book of Genesis, it is never actually said that Adam or Eve are the first human like creatures, it only says that they were the first of their kind.

If you take this into consideration, it expands the story of Adam and Eve. Which kinds of humanish beings were here before or concurrently? I am not meaning Aliens. Not exactly. The history of this planet is much larger and deeper than what we have been instructed.

In that context, who was the serpent before God cut his legs off?

I have no answers although my research has given me some solid leads. It is not the purpose of this text to give out the hypothesis that I have been developing, but only the questions and uncovering of what turned out to be inaccurate and thoughtless assumptions that has seemed the most fruitful.

Kind of like asking yourselves who filmed the first moon landing and the men getting out of what we were told was the only vehicle there – but that is for another blog.

Noah’s Magic Chest (and the person who gave it to him)

Or take the story of Noah – which is in the Bible but is also referenced in some of the other texts that I mentioned above. We assume a lack of ‘technological advancement’ for the descendants of Adam and Eve, but taking my question in the Adam and Eve story further, can we assume that same lack of technology for all inhabitants of this planet across the board? From what I have read, we cannot. In the Noah story, God speaks to Noah in a dream, and in other stories God speaks to Noahs tent and leaves a tablet with the inscribed blueprints for the ark and instructions on how to build it on a tablet was made of Lapis Lazuli.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

But also remember that this is not the only strange rock (or pile of rocks or skeletons) found on our planet that call questions into our understanding of our own history.

Might a being capable of inscribing detailed blueprints on Lapis Lazuli for the building of a large boat capable of surviving a global flood, might such a being also be capable of creating test tube babies for every creature on the planet? Might there have been a chest full of DNA included in the ark? Was there another passenger on the Ark other than Noah’s family? Some texts seem to bring these questions to the fore. And if they are true, would your understanding of the story change?

Or how about if you knew that there were cuneiform tablets written in 3000-ish BC that understood there was water on Neptune and Uranus before our ‘science’ confirmed it in 1978?

Plato and Atlantis

Even Plato, the foundation of our sense of modern philosophy, spoke of Atlantis as if it were true and went as far as to describe the ringed maritime city of it’s capitol Poseidon and the channels that lead to a smaller river, and then to a larger river and then to an endless sea. Study the Richat Structure, also known as the eye of Africa in Mauritania and know that people who have studied it have found all of the landmarks Plato mentioned.

Why does any of this matter?

I am posing these questions not to point as some dimly veiled argument about the way things are, but just to pose questions that you might not have considered. Like the possibility of many little ‘g’ gods, which should not eclipse the Big ‘G’ G_d who does not look like us at all.

And in that context, your bitching and moaning about the Church (which I agree is fundamentally evil) and calling that whole discussion a day, is too easy. It is lazy. Remember that in Dante’s inferno, the murderers are in a more chill ring of Hell than the apathetic. Is that just a story too? The books of Enoch would disagree, as would my personal experiences.

Yes, the Bible was assembled with a spin, but there are other texts. Yes the Pope is a monster, and many priests are too, but that does not invalidate the merits of studying about Moses or Jesus, or Jacob from a variety of texts?

What, me worry?

You might at this point (if you are still with me) say that while I might be strangely fascinated by this subject, it really holds no relevancy for your present situation.

Here is where I would disagree, and ask you to reconsider your position. Understanding these past histories, helps you ask the right questions when grappling with their modern analogs.

For example, would you believe that the story of Jacob’s ladder could be a direct analog relating to what is happening today with the modern discussion of vaccines, MRNA technology, and AI?

That the conception and life of Cain, the deep history of the twelve tribes of Israel and their struggles with different Canaanite ideologies (Chronicles, Kinds, etc in the Old Testament) and the practices of those ideologies is central to our modern debate on abortion, border policy and the modern trafficking of organs, children and sex slaves on the high seas?

Some of you might be triggered because I seem to be challenging a woman's choice over her body, or because you have had an abortion and you think I am judging you. To those people I would say that you need to think BIGGER. This is not about you or me.

Have you lost your mind?

Perhaps. But did you not already harbor that suspicion before y’all left me by the roadside. Which believe it or not I am now grateful for.

Yes I have lost parts of my mind, and have found others, and I want to advocate that you lose yours as well, or at least open it enough to see that there are still some open questions, not just about our past, but about the present as well.

And if you do this right, at some point you will benefit from reading the Prayer of Manasseh, who despite being likely more horrible than you, and perhaps more delusional and apathetic as well, was forgiven.

I am a person who has done many things wrong. This is not about judging your past or my past, it's about questioning the assumptions we make about how things are. It's about learning a new way forward, helping others learn a new way forward, and praying for the strength to be able to make your own path, the one your heart knows is correct, simply by walking it.

My gratitude and prayers for strength go to all of you.