Fix@tion: a revolution of fixing stuff

fixation - you break, i fix.



When I was 3, I got my first 'real' toolbox.  The previous and various initial installments of plastic made-for-kids tools did not work, and my Dad needed a way to get me out of his toolboxes.  It worked.

Since then, it has literally been my fixation. 

I have done other things, sure.  But there really is nothing like getting into something and fixing it for me.  And so in the midst of having other jobs like software engineering or website design, I have loved many a good day off in my garage building and fixing things.  Do that for over 30 years and it builds up.

Since I don't generally like having a lot of things, my fixation had to include other folks' things.  Like my mother's sprinkler system, or changing my friend's spark plugs or fixing my uncle's Stove or my Tia's Kenmore mixer or my other friend's laundry machine. Or replacing my cousin's motor home's engine cooling assembly, or the regulator on my old car in college, or the wheel bearings for some lost travelers I met in Mexico, or the industrial table saw for my woodworking shop, or tuned up the planer for an employer I had.

I have fixed appliances, power tools, large stationary power tools, automobiles, bikes, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, motors, musical instruments, technical instruments, wiring systems, plumbing issues and landscaping/construction problems for many many years, and have the references to prove it. I've fixed weird stuff, old stuff, stuff no-one knows how it works.  It's my passion and my curiosity.

So don't throw it away.  Don't get a new one yet.  If I can't fix it in half or less of the cost new, I won't charge you (unless it's old and valuable to you in which case we can come to a reasonable assessment of cost before-hand).

I give free estimates for jobs that can be estimated before-hand. I clean up well after myself.  I can give you constructive options in many price ranges.  I make house calls, and especially enjoy the service aspects of being a safe and friendly and honest person and have a soft spot in my heart for women like my mother whose husbands have passed and need help understanding unfamiliar roles and systems.  I charge reasonable hourly rates, and pride myself in explaining things in terms that empower people to make intelligent decisions and direct things the way they want them.

I also pride myself in knowing when a job is bigger or more complicated than what I can handle alone and I will either refer you to someone else who I trust for those things, or will get a possie of trustworthy, skilled, knowledgeable and hard working folks together who can help me.