Schrödinger's Job

Schrodinger's catSchrödinger's Job: noun, a liminal time/space wherein the applicant realizes the bliss of every quantum possibility/state relating to a potential job. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, this locality is maintained by the job seeker up until the moment that they are given a response to their query, and at which point a literally uncountable parade of possibilities, opportunities and fears collapses towards an inevitable singularity.

Use in a sentence:

Person A: Hey what are you up to? Are you are work?

Person B: I'm at Schrödinger's job at the moment, and so I'm thinking about my work outfit and wondering if I will be able to wear a vest and tie. Also trying to figure out lunches so that I can hunker down and focus.

Schrödinger's Job is about managing change. It's one of my favorite jobs, because of this pregnant feeling you get that any time now, your expectations will be exceeded.

It's about understanding that it's coming even when you can't see it, and behaving as if it were all going to start tomorrow, and preparing accordingly. It's about nothing being able to stop what is coming, and sitting in the excitement about what is next.