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To my Liberal Friends: The Prayer of Manasseh

I have lost touch with some of you, and I feel that like a failure on my part. I know that some of the things I have said about my perception of global events has been hard for many of you to swallow, and many of you abandoned me on the side of the road (figuratively and literally) and my experience of that was heartbreaking.

And so I went inside.

There were parts to my own story that were not filled out. Not just regarding current events, but…

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The technical diaspora of the small farm: a treatise.

As the gears of large-scale agriculture seem unexplainably to be faltering in a post-Covid world, the imperative for smaller scale food producers to move some portion of their marketing, networking and sales online has become a clarion call.

But how to bridge the gap between virtual technologies and farming systems?

This is not to say that there are not some very technologically savy farmers out there. Unfortunately in order to address this real issue, some…

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the Rifecta: Healing binaural Rife frequencies on the cheap (with a twist of lemon)

rife_binarual_webThe Rifecta is intended to be the Rife Lab Extraordinaire: the Trifecta of Rife technology think tanking.

And the base line for that technology is here at

The questions I set out to answer were as follows. 

  1. I wanted to be able to give a list of ailments…
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The Meeting of Life


Steal this logo

When I say that these past few years have been globally unprecedented, I think a grand percentage of the global population can agree with me.

And it is occurring to me that things might continue to decline, and that it is time for we the citizens of our community to start to come together.

The main…

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Jurisprudence for Covid 19 Legal Cases: Resources

I have to either get vaccinated or get weekly tests in order to comply with my new job (which I LOVE), and am filling a medical exemption both from the vaccine and from the test which injured my right nostril, and has a tumor growing in it that my doctor and I are working on figuring out how to extract.

I am keeping track of different resources towards that end, and wanted to share them with others who are in a similar tight spot and need a start with resources.

The resources are many, but I wanted to lead with these.  Particularly 'DAY 3'…

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Uploading VAERS data with Python3 and MySQL and Linux

vaers lot number resultsA friend of mine casually asked a question that I wanted to be able to answer.  She became hospitalized from her booster shot, and she wondered how many others had issues who took the same vaccine lot number as she did. 

I wanted to be able to find the answer.

I have said before that I hold data in many respects equal to or above science and…

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Plotting my own recovery

A while back I set out to create a tool that would enable my doctors to quickly understand what had become a very complicated medical history.  What I discovered is that this data is good for a variety of purposes, and one of them is creating teaching aids for health professionals.

The long story short is that I have been tracking all of my health markers (my lab results) in a tool I built called MetaMedic (  In addition to finding out information about my personal health, by tracking the numbers of…

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Data Science: A treatise about love.

Lambdoma Gif 1There is a book called 'The things we say when we talk about love' and the gist of it is that when we are nervous about something that is important to us, we don't really seem to make much sense.  We talk in metaphor, we speak in third person, we wonder out loud about the weather.  We fuss over if you are dressed warm enough. 

I am a curious person by…

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The Apocalypse Cafe: Pentecost

jr_qSigns of a great shift were around for those paying attention, and who understood the art of investigative triangulation.

The truth can only be seen when triangulated from many vantages, and so many of us became consumers of information in order that our own minds would perform the needed calculations.

It is a muscle that, like…

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How I made my water only RV site into a fully charged office with internet.

The initial goal of this experiment was to get free.

2020 was a rough year, and blew many of us into transitions that were contrary to what the working plan that our individual lives was outlining. For many in the West, this year is a great example of what others around the globe on some level have been experiencing for decades in ways that wealthy nations cannot fathom.

For me, I went from having a house, a city I lived in, and all the trappings therein, to living with my mother, and then a sublet in the town where she lives.

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What is MetaMedic?

MetaMedic is a tool that patients with a difficult medical history or set of symptoms can use with their doctors to simplify medical troubleshooting and communicate laboratory results and other patient/doctor research.

Of course, there is a backstory.

In 2017 I was living in Mexico and had to have 3 MAJOR abdominal surgeries in the space of 4 months.

As is often the case, recovering from such an ordeal can take some focus.  Part of this focus requires an accurate picture of the evolution of your medical process, and the…

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Schrödinger's Job

Schrodinger's catSchrödinger's Job: noun, a liminal time/space wherein the applicant realizes the bliss of every quantum possibility/state relating to a potential job. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, this locality is maintained by the job seeker up until the moment that they are given a response to their query, and at which point a literally…

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Revolutionary Idea? You don't need to start from scratch

bunjesusI get contacted now and then by brilliant geniuses who have an idea and want me to help them build it. Often times, by the time they get to me, they have a sense for how they would like it to work, but no idea how to implement it.

The vision they have might…

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Communicating your needs: the anatomy of a clear request

Communicating clearly is an art to begin with, but throw some technically challenging problems into the mix, and it can become a nightmare.  Here are some tips for avoiding miscommunication and creating harmony.  I am going to start with some examples and then I will talk about them.

The basic formula (borrowed from Agile and modified) is this:

As a <user type> when I <explain action> I want <explain what you want to have happen as the result/need/outcome>.  Also helpful here is: What is happening now is <say what…

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If you are a developer and you are in hell, read this before you do anything else.


MyDropWizard LogoI started re-reading Dante’s Inferno, again, around the same time I started a recent project helping a small non-profit organization upgrade to Drupal 8 from Drupal 6, and I am convinced that the simultaneity of the two events is not coincidental.

Now for context, I am a native Drupal developer who has…

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I'm going to work in Space. And what I mean by that is I'm moving to Truth or Consequences.


There is a city council woman in Atlanta who got her first taste of government work through an ‘internal’ hiring process by making folks believe that she already worked there.

What that looks like is she got dressed for work in the morning for days on end, and headed to her local government offices, and started occupying an empty office.…

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Remote Project Management for Smarties: Slack, Stories-On-Board, Trello, Jira

OctoManagerThis is a guide for those considering growing their businesses to better integrate remote work-teaming.

Many utilize the Google Suite of Calendar/Hangout/Email/Analytics, so I will not be covering the Google Suite except to say that it is a necessary evil.  In that vein, I would only recommend using Google for the Calendar/Hangout/Email/Analytics functions.


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On Conjuring a Team

PlantMoonThoughts for the Jedi Job Seeker

Today and generally these days, I am in the process of conjuring a working team.

To most this would look a lot like what looking for a job looks like, but it’s actually a bit different in several important ways.

In this writing there are a few notable things…

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The Skinny: Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Migrations

I just finished battling the windmills of Drupal Migrate (6 to 7) File Migrations, and perhaps unlike Don Quixote, I managed to win. 

I first have to say that I love and have used Acquia's site-upgrade tool for the d6 to d7 migration, and it was awesome. 

In my recent experience for the drupal 6 to drupal 7 realm, this is no longer the case.  Too much time has passed.  I had many iterations of failure upon failure.  Hacking and patching along the way.  I had to cut bait.   

I am saying this as a developer who has experience…

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You are Human.

cry me a river

You are not a number on someone's ledger, you are human.
You are not a citizen, you are a human being.
You are not an employee, you are human.

You may have been born on a piece of earth
that lies within the arbitrary
and blood-soaked boundaries
of whatever given country,
but you are not of…

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The trick is knowing you're on fire.

A person on fire.Nov 27, 2017

Sometimes we are given a chance to do something extraordinary. But sometimes, this opportunity to do something truly extraordinary places us in situations we have been culturally taught to avoid because they might lead to our own peril.

I dove head on into an opportunity like this about 10 months ago.

I have worked my entire life…

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