On reverse engineering free energy.


As trite as it might sound, I started thinking about Free Energy yesterday. To be fair, I've been thinking about it for a while. Yesterday was the first time I started writing it down. My normal thinking about Free Energy has been typically as a sort of bystander. I know that it is possible. I also know that it can't be metered which makes it unpopular in the eyes of the money. I know that many very smart and educated folks before me have lived solely for the goal of solving it, and some of them have solved it and have remained silent, and others have solved it and have tried to build it and some of them have been exterminated as a result.

There is a methodology I use to solve certain problems where I triangulate fear, anger and curiosity to tell me where I am. The level of fear tells me I'm on to something big, anger tells me it's important, and curiosity makes it light enough to carry. Put into that calculus, Free Energy hits the center.

If you know me, you'll know that this makes the problem extremely compelling to me. The only issue is that I have virtually no formal education in electricity or physics or what not, and while I am not the dullest tool in the shed, I am certainly not the sharpest. It's a matter of capacity, right?

Capacity. Remember that.

My girlfriend has been reading a book about the power of intuition, and about how we are given subtle clues to all sorts of things that we do not always pick up. I have been reading about the 'Field' which theoretically contains within it all the knowledge that has existed. I have read books about double blind experiments that have proven conclusively that once a problem has been solved, it becomes easier for others to solve. It occurred to me that maybe all I really need is a burning desire, some time, and the holographic universe that gives me answers all the time in ways so subtle that I don't think I see them. Maybe I have around me everything I need.

When I began thinking about this, there are three things that made themselves apparent either in conversation or by way of images and imaginings.

The first is that although the thought of taking electricity from the air seems like a feat beyond magic, it actually happens all of the time vis a vis lightning. From what I remember, lighting is what happens when the positive earth builds up a charge against the negative sky and that charge is equalized. Like a capacitor.

Capacity. Did you remember?

And then I thought about the Arc of the Covenant. The Arc of the Covenant is said to have been constructed as a sealed gold box within a wooden box that is covered by an outer layer of gold. There is a probe that is connected to the inner golden box (but does not touch the outer gold) and a probe connected to the outer gold box, and the two probes are fashioned after birds wings that come to a point of almost touching. The arc of the covenant is a capacitor – but a super charged one. The inner box/plate is gathering a charge from the air that it either has innately or that it is getting from whatever is inside it (is there an element or substance that carries or has a super-negative charge?). The outer box is carrying a positive charge when it is sitting on the earth (notice, in pictures that it is never allowed to sit or touch the ground, and that unless it is sitting on the earth it is always being suspended when carried).

And then, confused, I thought about Tesla, who first really understood that something like this was possible. I thought about a Tesla Coil, and remembered that it is basically a big 'transformer'. I vaguely remembered that 'transformers' either step up voltage or step it down, and are used on the electrical grid to transform high voltage electricity on the larger power lines down to what we use in our houses, but can also step up voltage. In his descriptions of how the devise he invented for Free Energy would work, he described how it would pull from the sky magically all the energy needed and according to demand.

And then I sort of had this feeling of completion - but still not clear why. It took a minute for the feeling to become substantiated once I reviewed what I had. Again, I am no expert, and certainly not the sharpest tool, but here is where my imaginings took me:

Everyone and their dog always tries to make energy happen with magnets. And that might be a part of the story, but I think I wanted to think outside of the magnet, and go directly to the source.

Let us start, for the purposes of this experiment, with an appliance. Typically a house is wired with a positive and negative wires that are both connected to the grid (which I think allow the grid to be metered). In order to protect the wiring of the house from the effects of lighting, a 'ground' is sometimes installed.


A ground is simply a longish copper or steel rod that is connected to the wiring of the house and that has been pounded into the earth.

Since the notion of Free Energy deals in some ways with 'lightning', the idea struck me that instead of having 3 wires (positive, negative and ground) we might just have 2 (negative and ground). If the negative wire was connected to a “Free Energy” contraption, having the other wire connected to the ground would be sufficient to close the circuit for the flow of energy.

For those paying attention, and if my intuition about needing two wires connected to the AC grid in order to meter is accurate, I might have just explained how one might get free energy from the grid if you know your way around the wiring of a house.

But that would be stealing, and you'd probably have to break into the metering box, and they'll know.

In any case, I think we should get this fair and square.

It seems that the 'contraption' that Tesla (and others since) was imagining might have been comprised of a capacitor (or many capacitors in serial) that, like the Ark of the Covenant, are able to gather charge from the air.

The capacitor would have to discharge at small enough increments that it would be able to function with very little ambient charge. I might connect those capacitors to a transformer to help step up the voltage, and then connect that to the house wiring which would ground it after it goes through your appliance. In this case, the grid could be DC, but might also be converted to AC with an inverter if needed. Not sure that things would need to be AC at that point, except that all the stuff we own would still need it in order to run.

So what I want to ask of those brave souls who have followed my writing to the end here, that they pass it on to someone whose formal or casual training is in something other than art/design (as in my case), and who might tell me if I am on the tail of something other than the fumes of my own exhaust. I know the devil is in the details, but do I have the principles down?

Anyone? Bueler..?.