The Gospel according to Thursday

If all the DNA in my body that the doctors always told me was junk is really my own internal internet system connecting me with the rest of humanity, then what would become possible?

If this long and glorious experience that I was under the impression I was having in 'real time' on this planet is really just the day dream of one mitochondria in one cell inside the gut of the one true love and light and ever-giving presence of God, then what would it mean to 'fail'?

Imagine that you are minding your own business, existing...(what does that mean?!?)

For most of us that means walking carefully within the confines of this elaborate, multidimensional labyrinth - like that weird surgery game that buzzes when you touch the walls - made up of all the things we have determined based on what we've learned since arriving here on this planet (this time around, at least).

Which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, by the way.

When all of a sudden out of nowhere comes this notion that you actually have all the control you want over everything including how much you suffer through it all.

Like what if I, personally, was able to cure the global catastrophe at Fukushima?

Or here's a better example: what happens if you stop doing and instead just EXPECT things to show up?

Anyone ever REALLY tried this?

Not like half way living on unemployment and watching television or the internet or your neighbor mowing the lawn all day and depressed that nothing is happening; but like REALLY just took a load off, participated in things that you enjoy while simultaneously and with all of your heart, mind and spirit FULLY EXPECTED the next most best and PERFECT thing for you to just fall in front of your path like magic.



Why do we not at least try? Even just once.

Let's go back to the daydream of the mitochondria of God bit that I brought up earlier. I'm being entirely and dead serious in a string theory, Higgs Boson, sacred geometry, seed of life kind of a way. As grand and glorious as our 'science' is, we still have no proof or mechanism that describes how we exist.

How does consciousness get downloaded into meat?

If we had an answer to that question, would we stop worrying - even for one minute - about how we're going to pay rent in a week and a half? Because really, an answer to that question would take us places. We would be immortal.

The funny thing, of course, being that we apparently ARE immortal in this way regardless of whether we understand it or not.

It's a trick to place someone in a game-box, and give them only enough range in their senses to sense the box, and not the game. I was angry at God for a while about that one, until I realized that I was in a cage of my own belief. I am not yet out of the box, but I have sensed the game.

And what would it mean to 'fail' in this scenario?

Truly to fail is to not try: to not poke at the buzzing labyrinth walls and try with all your might to reform your experience of the sound. When we are in a state of Drought, we are really just embodying a call for water; and if there is no fail, we might as well call the rain.

Sing for it.

Laugh with the understanding that your laughter is like payment in gratitude for something that will inevitably arrive: a gratitude that 'forgives' in the sense that the thank you comes before the gift arrives.