the Rifecta: Healing binaural Rife frequencies on the cheap (with a twist of lemon)

rife_binarual_webThe Rifecta is intended to be the Rife Lab Extraordinaire: the Trifecta of Rife technology think tanking.

And the base line for that technology is here at

The questions I set out to answer were as follows. 

  1. I wanted to be able to give a list of ailments to a search bar, and to have Rife frequencies for those ailments appear for research and further investigation. 
  2. I also wanted to be able to perform a 'deep' search to get a list of the best binaural frequency combinations for those aliments listed.

The first part of that has been many years in the making.

I first needed to get a database of Rife frequencies together, and that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated.  I was able to find some tables online of the Rife frequencies, and so the first few months was copying those online tables into a comma-separated list and running a bunch of filters on the data in order to get it to conform to what I was looking for.

Then I created a database, and started querying it.  This part also took a lot of questions because eventually I wanted to be able to make sense of this vast trove of knowledge in order to be able to understand what I wanted from it.

Then I had to make a website so that I could share the work.  I chose to use Django because it is written with Python, and eventually I wanted to be able to use some AI applications to the data in order to discover interesting correlations in the data - but this is for a future phase of development.

The website is up, and it satisfies the first question I wanted answered.  There is still a bit of work I want to do refactoring and refining the search algorithms, but I am happy with the results.

The second question I wanted answered has also been developed, and the functionality is up on the site and developed - but it keeps over loading the server so I have it hidden.

Essentially, this hidden feature is the creme de la creme of data feedback for Rife practitioners.  Here is what it does:

  1. First it gets the initial list of frequencies back as a search from the keywords in the search bar.
  2. Then it creates a list from those frequencies, and for each frequency on that list, it searches one by one through each one and find out if any combination of three frequencies on the list is a binaural set.
  3. With those binaural sets, it fetches a list of all ailments/treatments associated with each set of frequencies.  If all three frequencies in the binaural set treat a specific ailment, it lists them as 'strongly treats' the listed issues.  If any combination of two of the three in a binaural set also has a matching frequency, it lists them as 'also treats' the listed issues.
  4. It also enables further exploration of a person's essential conditions.  For example, if I am a practitioner, I can scan the results for other issues that my patient is having but that were not listed on my search, and favor binaural combinations that include those.

In any case, as soon as I can get some momentum going on this project, I can release the binaural search.  At the moment I need a beefier server/service to host the site with, and that will cost (of course). 

If you have any ideas for collaboration or would just like to learn more, email me at ana_at_jellobrain_dot_com.

How the contraption works:

The above image is of a setup that can be quickly and somewhat painlessly assembled for not very much moolah:

  1. 1stop Energy Dual Toroidal coil: $350.
  2. 2 Functional Signal Generators: $30 each
  3. Stereo 1/8" 3.5mm Jack Plug Connector Audio Cable for Headphone Headset Earphone Microphone Cable Repair: $7 for 2, but you only need one.
  4. BNC Plug to Dual Banana Jack: $7 for 2.
  5. Indoor Countdown Timer with Repeat Function: $11
  6. Extension strip: $10
  7. Wire/Solder

So essentially, the first step is to solder wire to the Jack plug.  I soldered two wires together and then soldered them to the green ground wire on the Jack Plug.  I also soldered extra wire extensions to the red and black wires on the jack plug.

Then I plugged in the functional signal generators to the extension chord strip.  I also attach one BNC to dual banana jack to each functional signal generator.

Next I attached the wires I just soldered.  I attached the green ground wires to the black port on each banana plug, and then I attached the other two wires to the red ports on the banana plug.

I plugged the dual toroidal coil jack to the female jack that i soldered the wires to.

The countdown timer is optional.  I like it because it ensures that any given session is not forgotten about.  I think if you leave these on all the time, the therapeutic value diminishes.  I plug the extension strip that I have the functional signal generators on into this timer box.

So to use, I click the '15 minute' button on the timer, I leave the functional signal generators in the on position, so that clicking the timer automatically turns on the signal generators.  Then I enter in a frequency into each functional signal generator using the buttons on the box, and I make sure the amp knob is turned almost all the way up on each.  Then I click the 'run' button on each box.

The binaural frequency will be generated by the difference between the two frequencies that you are playing.  But you would never know because the signals through the toroidal coil (scalar waves) are noiseless.

To make use of the 'spooky at a distance' effect of this technology, I place a bit of hair in the middle of the toroidal coil donut.