You are Human.

cry me a river

You are not a number on someone's ledger, you are human.
You are not a citizen, you are a human being.
You are not an employee, you are human.

You may have been born on a piece of earth
that lies within the arbitrary
and blood-soaked boundaries
of whatever given country,
but you are not of that country,
you are of the stars and the earth.

You can hide behind a flag,
but it just makes you look like a scared human
choosing to hide behind a piece of fabric.

You can create laws that end up stealing from half the earth
and think you are smart
and getting away with something that makes you special,
but really you just look like a scared human being
running away from it's family.

You can then point at a ledger and say that I owe you,
but to me you just look like a scared human
pointing at a dead tree.