Pro-Creation: it's as fun as it sounds...

If I were to adopt a polemic, this would be it.

In any sense that these little two words together might be interpreted - as in:

  1. being in favor of creating things
  2. supporting people procreating (although maybe not literally)
  3. being in favor of the act of creation
  4. add yours here.

It's like saying 'good-good'.
no bad thingsAt Reed there was a button that people would wear (it was the early 90's, people) that said 'No bad things.' I like pro-creation better because it's approaching the whole subject positively.
As in 'fabulous-wonderful'.
As in 'let's stop walking around like we know all of this already'.
I know a guy who just convinced his firm to perform a sociological study on cigarette bumming. They are a design firm. And sure, they definitely don't fit into the box of a traditional design firm, but why do any of us?
I spoke with a homeless gentleman two days ago who had actually spent some time inside one. I asked him how he conquered boredom (which I imagined would be my biggest issue with living in a 10 x 10 cell), and he said that boredom was for sissies.
Paul Hawken in his book 'Growing a Business' said bad problems are the same old ones you always have. He said good problems are the ones you haven't had before. They indicate growth.
So I would challenge you this winter to think about what kinds of new trouble you can get yourself into: to make up better problems. To change the old problem of:

  • 'not enough money to get that new couch'
    • into 'if i took the bottom off of this old office chair would it be comfortable to sit in?'
  • or the problem of 'business is getting slow...'
    • into 'I wonder if the world would fall apart if I took a quick and cheap vacation to Mexico...'
  • or 'i'm bored'
    • into 'what if I organized the first annual 'Idiotarod' in Atlanta?'
    • Go ye forth and get inspired.