Publications Design

Georgia Progressive Summit

Logo Design
The Georgia Progressive Summit is a yearly conference that occurs in Atlanta. In this case, they had already established a brand, and my job was to re-vamp that brand so that there was continuity, and at the same time so that it looked sharper and more active and animated.
Georgia Progressive Summit LogoGeorgia Progressive Summit Logo


Organizing in the Trenches

Logo Design
This was for a new organization doing social justice organizing in the South, particularly around education and youth.
Organizing in the TrenchesOrganizing in the Trenches



CR10 Ad

Ad Design
This is an ad for the Critical Resistance conference program created for the Southern Center for Human Rights.



Amethyst Electric

Logo Design
The trick here was to bridge the structure of an amethyst crystal with something that was evocative of electrical forces.
Amethyst LogoAmethyst Logo




Logo Design
Atmocean is a company who is working on creating solutions to mitigate and lessen the severity of hurricanes in the gulf coast region. This logo was meant to incorporate the image of a 'hurricane' with the essence of a body of water.
Atmocean Logo: Logo for Atmocean, a company working on mitigating hurricanes in the Gulf.


Atmocean Logo: Logo for Atmocean, a company working on mitigating hurricanes in the Gulf.



Kart Walmart

Identity Brand
A group organizing in the southwest contacted me to design an identity brand for them. They are organizing to halt globalization using a methodology that they call 'Karting' in which shopping carts are filled with a variety of items and left to be restocked. The idea is to cost the Big Box chain money in having to pay employees to re-stock the items.
Kart Walmart: Kart Walmart logo


Kart Walmart: Kart Walmart logo



Cartoon Characters for Beer

The Un-Usual Suspects
I was hired by a small brewery to explore the use of cartoon characters to represent their beer lines. This idea was eventually 'canned'. These are the initial drawings towards that end.
Cartoon Illustrations for Brewery


Cartoon Illustrations for Brewery



Art Book

Terri Rolland
Terri came to me wanting me to create a catalog for her show entitled 'Many, Some, Few'. Below is the front page and an inside page of the book I created for her.
Terri Rolland Cover PageTerri Rolland Cover Page
Terri Rolland Inside PageTerri Rolland Inside Page



Adelina's Cookbook

Book Design
Adelina was a small food producer in Southern New Mexico who made some of the most delicious flavored pasta I will ever eat. I was contracted to concept design and illustrate a recipe book she wrote and published.
Adelina's CookbookAdelina's Cookbook