Project Management

Project Management is as much of an Art as a Science

Regardless of whether a project is being produced using scrum or agile development methodologies, the need for a person who is accountable for delivering a working software product on schedule and on-time is important.


Teasing information from the client or from stakeholders who are less technically inclined is as much about the transfer of information as it is about the development of confidence.

As a project manager, my strength is in transposing information from the field of website and database development in a way that makes it very easy for a less technically inclined person to understand.


My experience with project management for technology projects has spanned a wide spectrum of roles.

I have worked on the client-side of projects, as an independent consultant, with a consulting firm, and finally internally with an organization creating software for the larger market (and not specifically for a client).

Having this diverse range of experience not only gives me a broader sense of context for a project, but also has given be a broad range of tools and methods for meeting the basic goals of the project. While some tools work best for certain contexts, my knowing when to use a tool or method out of context has given me the ability to work past a variety of roadblocks in a project.


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